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Title License & Registration

Light Truck | Adaptive Fleet Management

Are you tired of DMV waiting lines? Do you often face the hassle of trying to stay on top of the registration of newly acquired vehicles?

At Adaptive, we specialize in the management of vehicle registration paperwork, including registration stickers, title management, and fees. We take care of all vehicle-related management so you can stay focused on your business.

No waiting in line at the DMV
Vehicle title management is handled for you
You stay current on insurance & smog updates with our help

Electronic Vehicle Tracking

Electronic Vehicle Tracking in Redwood, CA | Adaptive Fleet Management

Maintenance Reporting

Do you need better visibility about your company vehicle costs? Is it time to retire a vehicle? We will create reports on your costs for maintenance, upgrades, and repair-related expenses. Feel free to consult with one of our service technicians to find out how to keep your expenses low.

We supply a detailed dashboard in the Cloud to track everything in real-time. This will help your fleet administrators make informed decisions, reallocate resources, find efficiencies, track expenses, reward safe drivers, and so much more.

Service, Repair, & Recall Management

Auto Repair in Redwood, CA | Adaptive Fleet Management

Is it a time-consuming and irritating pain to bring your vehicle in for service? We can eliminate that hassle.

Unlike most competitors, we offer local pickup and delivery for maintenance, service, and recall work. This will save your staff hundreds of personnel hours and time-consuming coordination.

Scheduled Service Work ( Fleet Maintenance & Repair Shop Directory )

Our fleet management service program includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Client Requested Add-ons
  • Cost Tracking
  • Recall Management
  • Thorough Report Generation

We will help you implement:

  • Service Vehicle Reminders
  • Inspections (Digital Vehicle Inspection Report)
  • Vehicle Issue Reporting
  • Work Orders
  • Vehicle Maintenance History
  • Permission-Based Collaboration & Approval
  • and more…

If you have an in-house or preferred repair vendor and would like an advocate to determine which repairs are actually required? We can help with that process.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management Chart | Adaptive Fleet Management

Fuel Tracking & Management

Do your drivers need a fuel card? We can get one for them.

Are you paying for fuel that is going into someone else’s vehicle? We can help find out if that is happening.

Do you think fuel is getting wasted? We can evaluate fuel usage for you.

Are the vehicles in your fleet fuel efficient? We can help you determine fuel efficiency.

Do you want onsite fuel fill-ups? We can set that up.

Let us help keep your fuel expenses and fuel waste to a minimum.

Toll Management

Toll Management Chart | Adaptive Fleet Management

Do you need access to toll roads or bridge toll gates? We outfit your vehicles with the proper equipment to keep your staff moving seamlessly & efficiently across toll roads.

We provide month monitoring of tolls to confirm your staff are using the toll tags properly.

Let us know where you will be traveling and what your needs are, and let us take care of the rest.

Insurance Management

Lexus Key | Adaptive Fleet Management

Trucks | Adaptive Fleet Management

Do you want a full-service fleet offering, and you need to set up insurance as well? Don't think you'll have to go through the hassle of setting up insurance for your fleet. Adaptive can help you get fleet insurance coverage through our partnerships with industry insurance brokers.

Accident Management

Box Truck | Adaptive Fleet Management

In the unfortunate event that your fleet vehicle is involved in an accident, we help manage the process.

At the accident scene:

We help your driver conduct a report at the scene of the accident, as well as notification of your risk department and your insurance carrier.

What’s next?

We will help your employee with towing, and finding the right shop for your repair. We will monitor the repair process, to make sure repairs are expedited, and costs and vehicle downtime are kept to a minimum. We will also arrange a replacement vehicle (if needed),

The dust has settled, let’s investigate:

Who was at fault? Our technology can help you investigate what happened leading up to the accident, in order to keep your insurance claims down to a manageable level.

Adaptive Fleet Management staff works with you to recover accident-related costs (rental fees, loss of use, vehicle repair or replacement costs) from your insurance company or the at-fault party.

Records: We keep driver information, repair information, photos, and video (if available) if you need access to anything related to the accident.

Fleet Design Decals/Wraps

A Truck | Adaptive Fleet Management

Do you want to badge your vehicle with your company, phone number, or vehicle truck numbers? Do you need a CA# or US DOT#?

When we say we take care of fleet from the wheels to the roof and bumper to bumper, we mean it! We can help you design and install graphics on your vehicles. Let us take those projects off your plate so you can focus on your business.

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