Fleet Management

At Adaptive, we focus on quality and the best fit for your fleet, by finding out your specific fleet needs. We do this by undergoing a thorough and professional:

  • Fleet utilization analysis
  • Fleet acquisition analysis
  • Current & future fleet analysis

The time we spend during this process will assure that you have the right vehicles on the road when you need them.

Passenger Cars

Every vehicle fleet has different needs. Our goal is to secure you the best vehicle to fit your specific needs. We can provide everything from a compact full electric to a large truck - any type of passenger vehicle or truck on the market that you might need - we will get it for you!

Passenger Car Fleet Management
Light Truck Fleet Management

Light Truck

There are a lot of choices available on the light truck market place. Here are a few questions you have to take into account when choosing a light duty truck:

Short bed Long Bed
2 Door Access Door
Full Size 4 Door Gasoline
Diesel 2 Wheel Drive
4-Wheel Drive A Cargo Area
An Extended Fuel Tank Tow Capacity

Will the truck require any upgrades to suit your needs? You get the idea. We ask a thorough set of questions, so you get the right truck for your fleet.

Let us help find the best truck for your fleet. We will work to achieve your organizational goals during every step of the process.

Box Truck

Box trucks, like light duty trucks, come in many different configurations. If you know what you need - we will find the right  trucks. If you need help to flesh out your needs for your box truck fleet, we will clarify what works best for you, during your fleet acquisition analysis.

A few things to consider with box trucks:

Lift gate rating

Lift gate configuration

GVWR of the truck

Gasoline or Diesel

Long Haul or Short Distance

Loading & un-loading heights

Can your purposes be met with a more economical vehicle?

Box Truck Fleet Management
Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more mainstream. Almost every vehicle manufacturer now makes some sort of hybrid or full-electric vehicle. Electric vans and trucks will be coming over the next 5-10 yrs.

At Adaptive, we are thoroughly knowledgeable about electric vehicles. If you would like to venture into the electric vehicle market for a portion or all of your fleet, we can help!


Purchases & Selling

Most clients lease their vehicles through Adaptive Fleet Management, but we can also assist with the purchase and sale of fleet vehicles.

If you want to purchase or sell vehicles out of your fleet, let us help you manage and optimize the duration of use, the mileage, and the maintenance so that you get top dollar for your company vehicles.


Fleet Purchasing and Selling