Driver Management

Real Time Tracking

An important part of keeping a safe fleet includes:

  • Choosing which team members are allowed to operate your vehicles
  • Monitoring their activities in real-time, all stored in the cloud to review at your convenience

We have a driver safety program which we roll out with each new client. We first identify driver issues with DMV background checks, combined with ongoing DMV monitoring.

To be informed about the vehicle in real-time, we monitor and report on the driver’s habits (speed, harsh driving, distracted driving, idle times, and more).

Then we provide real-time, in-car training, which helps reduce the risk and incidence of accidents. We also provide managers with monthly reporting about fleet safety.

Driver Real Time Tracking
AI Driver Safety Tracking

Built-in Artificial Intelligence Driver Safety Tracking

Adaptive has a Cloud-connected technology package, which includes real-time incident detection. We will help you customize your own safety program, which can include:

  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Reporting
  • Real-time (in-car) Voice Reminders
  • Stop Sign Rolling Alerts
  • Distracted Driving Video Recorded Events
  • and more...

Our new facial recognition technology can also track and report when your drivers are not paying attention to the road during a hazardous event.

In 2018, car crashes due to distracted driving led to the deaths of 4,637 people, and approximately $129 billion worth of damage.

You can improve driver behavior for your fleet with a combination of in-cab voice alerts, driver ranking, and HD video-based coaching tools.

Let us help dial in what’s important to you and the company to avoid costly events.


Driving Event Video Catalog

It's a common truth these days, that "Someone is always watching." In the interest of keeping your fleet safe, we practice that philosophy at Adaptive.

In-car cameras analyze the road and the driver cabin for high-risk behaviors, hazardous events, and crashes. When avoidable incidents are detected, the camera will alert the driver so they can adjust their behavior.

During the whole drive cycle of the vehicle, the cameras are rolling. The footage is auto- uploaded to Cloud servers for the administrators to review at any time.

Incident footage is tagged and in the Cloud, so managers and administrators can review and take action to reduce costs and save lives.



Violation & Toll Management

In the event that there is a parking ticket, toll evasion, or another violation involving your fleet vehicle, we can guide or manage the event for you. We can match the violation to the driver with the tracking features provided by our fleet offering.

There will be no more forgetting to pay a ticket and having a hefty ticket late fee or worse, an impound of your company fleet vehicle.





MVR Records Alerts

Our partnership with DMV departments across the United States allow us to run a confidential DMV background check to identify risky drivers, before they get a chance to climb into one of your vehicles.

Once drivers are in your fleet, we conduct ongoing monitoring to detect risky moving violations and alert you within days of an alert.

Our software solutions allow you to store driver information, documents, and all contact related items, which will then be available for access from anywhere with ease. All data will be protected and accessed using a user based permission system.





Fleet Motor Vehicle Record Display

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